"Maria was amazing!!!! She truly understands the importance of having a great headshot. She has a variety of tools in which
she use's to make sure the actor can get the best possible shot he or she is capable of. She makes you feel completely 
welcome, safe and calm. She's extremely informative and genuinely cares about the artistic process, ensuring you leave with
the shot/shots that best represents you and what you want to be doing. In short I cant recommend her enough and she'll 
definitely be my go to person for any shots I’ll be needing in the future."- Mojean Aria
"She is a rare gem! I found Maria through a recommendation from a friend and worked with her for my head shots. 
She listens, and is incredibly thoughtful and comforting. She has a magical way of bringing out the characteristics I 
wanted to convey.
To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the photo shoot, and was thrilled with the outcome. She captured a part of me that I 
had not yet seen in a photograph. I am blown away with the results and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for 
head shots and beyond."- Yara Badday
"Getting the right headshots is what an actor is always seeking and Maria made that true for me! First of all she knew how 
to create a welcoming environment, made me feel comfortable and relaxed and she knew how to get the best out of me. 
She makes the photo shoot a really interesting experience where you feel safe to open up and express yourself. She really 
has a gift of capturing your personality through the frames. I’m so happy with my new headshots and I had a great 
difficulty of choosing one out of so many good ones!"– Filio Biniarou
"Though my experience with photographers is limited, working with Maria made me feel like I've been taking head shots for 
a long time. I felt comfortable and out of my head. This is a result not only from her attitude and demeanor, which is 
positive and approachable, but because of her method of engaging with the actor. With her guidance, the session becomes 
more like a performance with the comfort of a rehearsal. Instead of posing or "trying" to create a natural moment, she 
encourages doing what actors love most, acting, and the results are genuine and sincere. Even better, if there was ever a 
moment that just didn't feel right, Maria was intuitive in picking that up and making any necessary adjustments to make 
sure you were enjoying the process and getting the look and feel you wanted. That alone separates her from the sea of 
photographers in Los Angeles. So, if you're looking for head shots, Maria Proios is highly recommended." – Matt Chute
"I have to say that this was by far my best experience with head shots. Maria helped me prepare for shoot from before I 
even showed up to her studio. She helped get me in the proper mind set for my shoot day. I knew what my objective was for 
both my commercial and theatrical shots and I felt very confident even before we got in front of the camera thanks to her 
coaching. She was patient and had great insight about my hair, makeup and wardrobe and we prepared together at length 
before she brought out her camera.
Her studio is lovely and inviting which was very disarming and helped make me comfortable immediately.
Maria is a professional, so she had tons of tips for me along the way to help us get the shot that we needed. Within 5 
minutes I knew that I would walk away with ample proofs to choose from because she has quite an eye. When something wasn't
working, she didn't waste any time, she'd scratch it and we'd try something else. I got my proofs the very next day and I
couldn't be happier with them. The photos are beautiful and more then that they present me the way I wan to be 
represented. It's going to be hard for me to narrow down the best look, but I think that's a good problem to have.
I've had many head shots done before and I can say with confidence that I've never felt in better hands then I have with
Maria."- Deana Nassar
“Maria is very thorough and detail oriented in her work, and can definitely teach you a trick or two about relaxation 
technique in front of the camera! She takes time with her clients and makes sure that you get the best out of your 
session.”- Anna Astanina
"I can't recommend her enough! She is amazing! First of all the photos turned out great, above and beyond what I expected, 
and it really shows that this is a professional job well done. Secondly, I just loved my photography session with her. She
guided me through, talked to me throughout the session to make me look my best. She explained everything, how it works and
why it works. She is a real professional, and clearly loves her job."- Efi Sponti

 "Maria's genuine nature is incredibly disarming and infectious; it is the perfect recipe for capturing a shot that is both
 captivating and true." – Alex Sturman

“I had a fantastic time with Maria, she works well with actors and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed quite quickly so 
that you end up with a stunning set of head shots.
From start to finish she pays great attention to every detail and checks in every step of the way to make sure you're happy
and on the same page.” – Rayna Campbell